Funding Online Casinos - Deposit Money

Depositing into an online casino is just about as important as the games, software, bonuses, payouts, etc. unless the ultimate goal is to simply find free online casino games. If that is the case, read no more! But if you want to win real money, you have got to be able to fund your online casino account.

Unfortunately, it is not as clear cut as when paying for or buying most things on the Internet. Keep it locked in here as is going to guide readers through the general varieties of deposit options commonly found at legal online casinos that welcome U.S. residents which have continually been rated the best online.

Is It Legal To Deposit Into An Online Casino?

Yes, when an online casino accepts players from the U.S., it is perfectly legal for a player to make a deposit. There are no current federal or state laws which prohibit certain methods to deposit other than the UIGEA saying that it is illegal for offshore Internet gaming operators to accept payments from U.S. citizens for the purpose of gambling... nothing is said in regards to the liability faced by the residents of the United States. With that said, there is no need to worry about breaking the law by depositing into an online casino that accepts the method chosen if-available.

Legal Casino Deposit Options + Funding Methods

Just below, we've taken a few minutes to explain the types of different online casino deposit methods for U.S. players. In this, readers will see a variety of ways to send cash to their online casino accounts so they can play games for money. Among these methods include credit cards, wire transfers, the potential for money order + more. Get the scoop and decide which method is going to work best for you before choosing a website to play casino games online.

Visa Card - Most Welcome Credit, Debit + Prepaid Versions

We begin with a Visa Card as a deposit option because it's the most-common form that online casinos will offer. To use your Visa card as a deposit the process is easy. All it takes is selecting the choice, and then inputting your credit card information. The transaction goes through instantly and will appear on your statement. Gamblers will have those funds immediately available for use.

MasterCard - Not Commonly Found At Casinos With Sports Gambling

A MasterCard deposit option can be found at just about every online casino that accepts players from the U.S. It is an instant method of deposit - your account will be funded within seconds MasterCard deposits are very easy on the player and generally coincide with any website in which a Visa card is also accepted.

American Express - Very Popular With Gift Card Purchase / Deposits

While the websites open U.S. players operate outside of the United States, that doesn't stop some of them from accepting American Express. In fact, American Express has a high acceptance rate for USA players where they are able to create account. The process is the same as any credit card with the details needed to complete the deposit.

MoneyGram + Western Union: Global Cash Wire Transfer Services

Credit cards aren't the only options that USA players have. A wire transfer is another quick and easy play. Thousands of spots to conduct wire transfers are all over the country - simply visit a station like a Western Union. A wire transfer easily transfers money from your account into your online casino account. Accompanying fees from the sender might be applicable here so be mindful of that.

Ole' Trusty: Sending A Money Order or Cashier's Check In The Mail

USA players can also use a money order or a cashier's check to make a deposit. Personal checks are not accepted at online casinos - players can transfer that check into a money order or cashier's check and then send it on to the online casino.

Online Casinos With Easy Deposit Options For Americans

Lucky Red Casino - Several Instant Legal Casino Deposit Options With Flexible Limits

Lucky Red provides safe and easy deposit methods for USA players. Lucky Red is one of the top online casinos for players in the United States. Deposit through a Visa, MasterCard, a money order, or a wire transfer. The limits and details surrounding each method can be found on our Lucky Red Casino full review. Be sure to visit Lucky Red to learn more.

As you can see, there are plenty of great methods to deposit at Lucky red. And once a player chooses the method and funds an account, players will be well on their way to enjoying the over 100 games that are offered.

WinPalace Casino - Credit Card + Wire Transfer Options Available To U.S. Players

WinPalace lists all of their deposit methods on site, for which a USA player is able to deposit with a Visa or a MasterCard. Acceptance rates for credit card deposits at WinPalace are very high - U.S. gamblers should have no trouble getting set up to play for real money.

WinPalace processes a deposit within minutes, and gets you logged into the casino to play all of your favorite games. Operating with Real Time Gaming software, WinPalace is a great legal online casino option for players in the United States.