Online Casino Payout - How To Withdraw

The best feeling of playing online casino games for cash is winning. And when it comes to winning, there is a process that needs to be followed in order to turn those winnings into cash that can be used in real-life. The good news is that all the casinos listed on this website have payout processes that are easy to understand, and do not handcuff U.S. players to just one or two ways to receive a casino withdrawals.

If you keep reading this page, you will be educated on the various methods + options used to get money out of USA online casinos that are best for several things including getting users their money quickly. Not only that, other factors that should be considered BEFORE choosing which online casino is the best for you are also discussed here.

How Long Do Casino Payouts Take? When Will I Get Paid?

The length of time that it takes for your payout to get to you can differ depending on the method chosen. Typically a player will have a few different methods to select. Factors that come into play as to what the preferred method is will be unique to the casino account holder making the withdrawal.

Among the things to consider are fees, as well as minimum withdrawal amounts + the time it takes to receive a payout. As we go into details about the specific withdrawal methods for U.S. players this will shed some light on the advantages and potential disadvantages over payout options.

Which Online Casino Has The Fastest Payouts?

Club World Casino - Options Include Ways To Put Cash In Your Hand The Same Day!!!

If you are wondering which website has the quickest casino withdrawals, Club World Casino ranks right up there. Beyond being fast, receiving a payout is relatively easy as there are several payout options made available to the common player - checks by courier, cash + bank wire payments, re-credit to debit + credit cards, more. Checks get out to players very fast as well - usually in under two weeks, but the fastest way to get money out is by having cash wired to you.

Club World has a fantastic record of paying customers in a timely manner as they have been proven to not only be reliable, but efficient too. The entire withdrawal process at Club World is easy and you will only need to confirm your identity once. Beyond that, all payout options have friendly limits and they have several ways to get paid without spending an outrageous amount on fees + surcharges.

Online Casino Withdrawal Methods - Cashout Options

Directly below, we list the best legal online casino withdrawal methods for USA players. Keep in mind that an individual casino website might not have every method listed here. There will be at least one if not more. It is in the casino's best interest to have as many ways to send users winnings as possible - simply to increase their number of account holders.

Checks Issued By Casino / Casino's Bank - Sent Thru Courier Services

There are ways to wire money through electronic accounts - but a check is almost always an option for a player to take a withdrawal. To start this process, a withdrawal request is made by the player at the casino. From there, it takes about 24 hours to get things moving. Once approved for the requested amount, a check can take up to three or four weeks to be received.

Different minimum and maximum requirements will vary at each online casino, so it's hard to pinpoint a general amount that can be had across the board. Checks can be sent by way mail or through a courier like UPS, DHL & FedEx.

Bank Payments - Have Money Wired Directly Into Checkings / Savings

A wire transfer takes less time to receive than a check, as the player can expect the process to be completed in about 4-5 days. But with a wire transfer there is often a fee. The more that a player opts to withdrawal from their account, the higher the corresponding fee will be. Wire transfers are among the faster ways to receive winnings, and for those who would prefer not to wait for a check this can be a great alternative.

This method is quickly becoming increasingly popular among online casinos. High limits are what players can take advantage of through their payout. Bank Wire can take 5-10 days to receive, but for those players who tend to play for more money this can be something that is very useful.

Casino Payouts Sent Back To Credit or Debit / Bank Cards

Not typically seen with other forms of online gaming, getting withdrawals sent directly back to the card (credit and even debit) is one of the leading methods for players to get paid by their online casino. This option is very limited due to regulations surrounding legal casino payouts in the U.S. but when it does work, it cannot be beat!

Users will need to provide a few pieces of information to confirm the identity of the person requesting payout is correct. This does slow down the process initially, but once done it will never need to be done again unless a different card is used to make the initial deposit that led to the payout in question.

Learn more on our page including time this takes, the fees and which online casinos use this method for payments.